Tips for creating a gallery wall

tips for creating a gallery wall

When we got married we used photo frames for our table names. Alongside this, I seem to have collected a ridiculous number of the things over the years so I decided last week to create a feature gallery wall to spruce up my hallway.

A gallery wall not only creates a great focal point, it also gives you an excuse to frame all of those photos you love but that aren’t quite professional or staged enough to warrant a place on the mantelpiece alone. It’s a doddle to do and all you need is a handful of nails and a hammer (don’t even mention it to the Mister – queue “I’ll go and get the drill”). Alongside your frames it’s a good idea to include some other decorative pieces to add a little more interest and break up the images – I had some large typography pieces around the house which I incorporated.

There are also some great online resources and blogs that offer free printable downloads such as, which are great if you don’t want every picture in your gallery to be a photograph.

I started by laying out all of the frames on the floor in front of the hall wall to get an idea of how wide and tall I wanted the gallery to be. I admit that I felt like my mother a little bit here, obsessing over which pieces looked best where, but it’s worth spending some time until you get a layout that you’re happy with. I then took a photo of the layout so that I could replicate it on the wall. Starting by nailing the highest frame onto the wall, I then worked my way out until I got the finished gallery. Definitely an easy and cost-effective way to make a great feature in your home!



10 thoughts on “Tips for creating a gallery wall

  1. I’ve been busy creating a Pinterest wall full of gallery wall inspiration as I am on a mission to personalise our home a bit more with photos and other bits and pieces that mean something to our family. I need to go and find some decorative pieces to incorporate and some frames!


  2. That looks so fabulous. A friend of mine has a line of her wedding photos going up the staircase wall and my sister also has mini canvases of pictures from over the years. We have a lovely long hallway that something like this would work really well on. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


    • Ah glad you like it! Sounds like it would look great along your hallway. What I enjoyed most about doing it is that you can really add anything you like to it – they don’t have to be great quality pics. I had a few bits around the house that looked a little lost on their own but look great in this. Hope you get around to it! Thanks for posting x


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