Spring/Summer bedroom makeover

Almost 18 months after moving into our home we’ve finally put the finishing touches to our guest room. The rest of our house is quite neutral so I was determined to go for some brighter colours in this room (with the view that if I didn’t like it at least I wouldn’t have to look at it every day!)

Spring/Summer bedroom makeover

We visited Watergate Bay hotel in Cornwall last year and I loved how they used pops of colour in the hotel rooms to give a modern yet relaxed vibe, which inspired me (several Pinterest boards later) to go for this colour palette of yellow, dark grey and sky blue.

Off I trotted to B&Q to purchase the paint and (to the horror of Mr M) this boldly patterned wallpaper. When we first decorated I did think it might be too much, but now that all the white furniture’s in I think the look is just right.

The leather-effect bed frame was purchased from Argos. It has a nifty leaver at the bottom which lifts for storage which I love – so much better than having to crawl around in the dust looking for that old photo album/cd/book/other rubbish that you don’t want to throw out but isn’t worthy of being on show.

Dunhelm Mill yellow flock of birds cushion

I always go to TK Max for my bedding which has some fantastic designer sets at heavily discounted prices – this one cost just £29.99. I picked up the chunky knit throw for £44.99 from Wilkos’ luxury collection and the cushion is on sale at Dunhelm Mill for £9.99.

The bedside tables are from Ikea and I also got the wardrobe to match. Aside from the usual ball-ache of having the not-so-easy-as-they-make-it-look task of assembling the furniture, I was pretty impressed with the final finish of this range which is quite good quality in comparison to some of the other flat-pack furniture around today.

The lamp shades and stands are also from Ikea, and the multifaceted ceiling light is from B&Q priced £13.

Now all that’s missing is some decent wall art…Perhaps of a nice beach??

I might sleep in the spare room tonight 🙂

Summer bedroom makeover

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2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer bedroom makeover

  1. Ah this looks lovely!! I really love that wallpaper and am a fellow Pinterest addict for inspiration. I’m hoping to get round to our spare room next year but the whole room needs stripping and then replastering as well as a new floor so it will be a while before it’s finished X #Brilliantblogposts


    • Agh I feel for you – we had to totally renovate our house when we moved in and I’m pretty much done with the dust now. It is exciting having a new project to work on, but it is so much effort stripping/replastering etc. All worth it in the end though! Perhaps just focus on the Pinterest boards for the time being 🙂


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