Review: Brother Max weaning pots

Taylor has been eyeing up our food for a while now, so when she hit 17 weeks I decided we were ready to embark of the great adventure that is weaning. Admittedly, the foodie in me was also quite excited about the prospect of offering her something other than milk, and so I set about the task of chopping, steaming, mashing and blending with zealous enthusiasm.

Brother Max Weaning Pots review

I’m not usually one to fall for the endless gadgets and gizmos which are aimed at us parents, but since I was quite excited about this chapter in Taylor’s development, I found myself in Babies R Us with more weaning supplies than I could carry in my one free hand. Alongside some Tommee Tippee bowls, weaning spoons and a ‘my first cup’,  I also picked up these Brother Max weaning pots for £4.99 – which I chose over the other brands on the shelf thanks to the inclusion of a handy marker pen for writing contents/date on the pots before freezing (fickle, I know).

Suitable for freezing, microwaving and serving, the weaning pots come in a set of six which clip together so that you can easily fill them. They also have push-through bases making it easy to pop out frozen food and they’re the perfect size for those ‘first tastes’. Taylor did quickly move on to needing two pots for each meal so I have bought a couple of larger pots since (as I like to freeze larger batches) but I’m still using these alongside and will continue to do so for months to come.Bother Max weaning pots

What I love most about them is their dinky size which makes them ideal for taking food out and about and their leak-proof hinged lids means that they definitely won’t leak food into your bag.

The marker pen is also pretty neat – although it’s really just a whiteboard pen, it’s not something I would have ever thought of using and I’m sure I’d have been faffing around with stickers for the rest of Taylor’s infancy. Now I use the marker pen to label the contents/date on all of the pots that I use, so thank you Brother Max for this great idea.

Overall, these little pots do everything you could ask of them when starting on your weaning journey – definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Super Busy Mum

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