Review: Brother Max weaning pots

Taylor has been eyeing up our food for a while now, so when she hit 17 weeks I decided we were ready to embark of the great adventure that is weaning. Admittedly, the foodie in me was also quite excited about the prospect of offering her something other than milk, and so I set about the task of chopping, steaming, mashing and blending with zealous enthusiasm.

Brother Max Weaning Pots review

I’m not usually one to fall for the endless gadgets and gizmos which are aimed at us parents, but since I was quite excited about this chapter in Taylor’s development, I found myself in Babies R Us with more weaning supplies than I could carry in my one free hand. Alongside some Tommee Tippee bowls, weaning spoons and a ‘my first cup’,  I also picked up these Brother Max weaning pots for £4.99 – which I chose over the other brands on the shelf thanks to the inclusion of a handy marker pen for writing contents/date on the pots before freezing (fickle, I know).
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Spring/Summer bedroom makeover

Almost 18 months after moving into our home we’ve finally put the finishing touches to our guest room. The rest of our house is quite neutral so I was determined to go for some brighter colours in this room (with the view that if I didn’t like it at least I wouldn’t have to look at it every day!)

Spring/Summer bedroom makeover

We visited Watergate Bay hotel in Cornwall last year and I loved how they used pops of colour in the hotel rooms to give a modern yet relaxed vibe, which inspired me (several Pinterest boards later) to go for this colour palette of yellow, dark grey and sky blue. Continue reading

What did a girl do before Primark?

Twelve years ago when I went on my fist girls’ holiday at 18, I saved my Saturday earnings for weeks so that I could afford a Topshop wardrobe cool enough for Ibiza.

primark summer holiday clothes

Twelve years on it’s hard to remember our high streets without the notorious ‘Primania’ beckoning us in with its cheap price tags, ever-changing fashion lines and £1 accessories. Oh Primark, if only I had you back then!

So, when I popped into my local shopping centre for a few last minute items for my holiday to Dubai, I ended up buying an entire holiday wardrobe instead. Primark has that effect on me. This is everything I got for the grand total of…£43!

  1. Pink floral top – £4
  2. Beach towels – £4 each
  3. Casual shorts – £3
  4. Denim shorts – £5
  5. Playsuit – £5
  6. Print top – £4
  7. Laser cut peep toe shoes – £6
  8. Skater dress – £5
  9. Casual shorts – £3

I’m not even convinced that the clothes are any lesser in quality than the likes of the other high street stores. The only downfall of Primark clothes (as we all know) is that you yourself know that they are from Primark. And because you know that you only paid a fiver for those shorts, their shelf life is much shorter than if you’d paid £35 – silly, but sadly true.

However, it’s not like I wear shorts and use beach towels every day in England, so it really doesn’t matter. By the time my next summer holiday comes around I’ll want a whole new wardrobe anyway.

And I know where I’ll be shopping.


Christmas stocking filler ideas for her

Christmas stocking ideas

Admittedly, I’m not usually so organised with my Christmas shopping, tending to frantically order all of my presents online a couple of weeks before and then panic that they won’t arrive in time. However, with my due date three weeks away, and with the luxury of being on maternity leave, I’m planning to have it all wrapped up (see what I did there?) in the next couple of weeks.

I realise that not everyone has this pleasure of time (as I soon won’t!), so I’ve put together a gallery of my best finds from the high street so far that will make perfect Christmas stocking fillers this year. With stores becoming evermore competitive and with the likes of value stores such as Primark keeping their finger firmly on the trends pulse, there really are some great items out there – so you can fill those stockings up to the brim without breaking the bank!

Here are some of my favourites…

Stocking fillers for under £25:

  1.  Monochrome woven blanket scarf, £22 Topshop
  2.  Mini bowler hat, £22 Warehouse
  3.  Personalised iPhone case, £25
  4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics eye shadow palette, £22

Stocking fillers for under £15:

  1. Jersey Pyjama set, £12.99 H&M
  2. ‘Just Call Me Delia’ Tea Towel, £11 
  3. Day to a page medium diary, £14 Paperchase
  4. Smashbox Primer Try It Kit £12.50 Boots

Stocking fillers for under £5:

  1. The Queen’s Tea Pendant, £5 Accessorize 
  2. Barry M, Matte Nail Paint, £3.99 Boots
  3. Black Pearl Bow Gloves, £4.99 New Look
  4. Fairisle knitted hot water bottle Primark £5

What would you like in your Christmas stocking this year?

Happy shopping! x

Mamas & Papas nursery furniture range at Argos – what’s the catch?


I think I may be turning into my mother…

Mum gets into a bit of an excited frenzy when she spots a good bargain. Perhaps it’s all part of becoming a mum, but I also got very excited this month when I discovered that Argos sell their own range of Mamas & Papas nursery furniture – at almost half the price of those in the Mamas & Papas stores.

I’d mooched around the sets in Mamas & Papas for some time, which range from £449 – £1957. I had my eye on a white one so was made up when I found a similar set online at Argos for £329.99, with a further discount at the time which made it £249.99. The set was the Teo 3-piece range including cot, dresser/changer and wardrobe.


Teo wardrobe

dresser/changer and wardrobe

Teo dresser/changer

I was skeptical about the quality given the difference in price, but once it arrived (and 4 hours of flat pack hell later) we were more than satisfied with our choice and I felt pretty smug with my bargain. Granted, these sets aren’t identical to those in Mamas & Papas, but aside from a few small finishing touches, I can’t see a huge difference in the quality.

One of the main differences is that the Mamas & Papas dressers have draws which are probably more practical than the shelf/door combination on this one, but for the price I think this is a brilliant buy.