Life before Google

Life before Google

  • You carried a dictionary and thesaurus in your schoolbag
  • You had pen pals and bought fancy writing paper for your letters
  • You used to hold the AA route planner print-out on your steering wheel as you tried to drive
  • You actually had to leave the house to buy your Christmas presents
  • And your groceries
  • Encyclopedias were actually read
  • You would keep the negatives of your holiday photos – just in case you lost the prints
  • You had to look interested in your nails when your mate/date popped to the toilet
  • You had to have awkward conversations on your parents’ landline with potential dates
  • You would send out party invitations in the post
  • You visited HMV every Saturday
  • You found jobs in your local paper
  • You’d spend half of your life listening to ‘on hold’ music on the phone as you tried to book trains, concerts, holidays…
  • You owned a cheque book
  • You took at least five paperbacks on holiday
  • Hours would be spent getting to the next level on Tetris


You Baby Me Mummy

28 signs you were a school girl in the 90s

at school in the 90s

    1. Your perfume of choice was either Tommy Girl or CK One
    2. You wore your Kickers into the ground…And then purchased Pods
    3. You and your mates talked about who would be which Spice Girl – which largely depended on your hair colour
    4. You fancied Paul Nichols in The Bizz
    5. You doodled the Take That symbol over all your exercise books…and cried when they announced their split
    6. You knew every single line in the film ‘Clueless’ and wanted to be Alicia Silverstone
    7. Your school had a tuck shop which sold just crisps, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks
    8. You felt naughty looking at the ‘position of the week’ in Bliss magazine
    9. You viewed IT class as a doss lesson – when will I need to use a computer?
    10. Your Friday night was spent watching Top Of The Pops and Saturday morning watching Live & Kicking
    11. You owned a velvet scrunchie
    12. You had to feed your Tamagotchi in between lessons
    13. You used to record the Sunday Top 40 on your cassette player – and go ballistic if your sister/brother/mum/dad walked in the room and started talking over the recording
    14. You wore blue mascara
    15. You had floppy discs in your school bag
    16. You remember the first mobile phones and how they sounded like Morse code when sending a text message
    17. You experimented with Wella wash-in, wash-out hair dye on a monthly basis
    18. Your denim jacket was your staple
    19. You cried when Gareth Southgate hit the post…And again when Beckham got sent off
    20. You used a lot of Tipp-Ex – you even had a Tipp-Ex pen and Tipp-Ex tape
    21. Your Christmas list was made up of Argos catalogue numbers
    22. You bought Smash Hits magazine for the stickers
    23. You read all of the books from the Babysitters Club and Goosebumps series. And Judy Blume was your hero
    24. You were a master of Tetris
    25. You once owned a mini disc player
    26. Ayia Napa and Faliraki were the holiday destinations of choice
    27. You collected single CDs
    28. Wagon Wheels, Iced Gems, Space Invaders, Iced Pops…
    29. The List