25% off Debenhams Mother’s Day flowers – she won’t be disappointed!

Mr M is the type of husband who wake’s up on Valentine’s Day/ our anniversary/ my birthday and declares that he’s planning to take me shopping. This actually means that he completely forgot to get me anything and results in a day of me stomping around Birmingham as “I’m not just buying something for the bloody sake of it!” I’m not sure how many times I need to say it…


Mother's Day flowers

Lucky for me (not so lucky for Mr M), the lovely team at Debenhams Flowers have beaten him to it in time for Mother’s Day. This year will be my first Mother’s Day being a mum, so when I got an email from them offering to send me a flower delivery from their Mother’s Day range it made me feel all mushy inside.Debenhams flower delivery

As a daughter I’ve had many a bouquet delivered to my mum on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately a lot of those bouquets weren’t quite as large, or the flowers as fresh as I’d imagined, which has left me feeling a little disappointed. So I was looking forward to seeing how Debenhams’ Mother’s Day flowers would compare.

I received their Pink Rose and White Freesia bouquet which is available to buy online for £34.99. The bouquet was delivered boxed by my postman who seemed very pleased with himself to be delivering them: “hopefully I’ve made your day”, he grinned. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they weren’t a surprise from my husband or my super advanced 11 week-old daughter.

Nevertheless, they did make my day. Inside the box was a bouquet wrapped in pretty green paper and red ribbons. The fuchsia roses had blossomed on arrival and smelt divine. Instead of a cellophane bag, the flowers were kept moist with a foamy wet paper which meant that I didn’t  have to worry about getting water everywhere (I can be rather haphazard!) and flower food was included which I always appreciate.

The flowers look lovely in my lounge and are still so fresh as I write this four days after delivery (they actually offer a money-back guarantee that their flowers will stay fresh for 7 days).

Debenhams Flowers have kindly offered an exclusive 25% discount on their bouquets to readers of my blog.  Simply enter the code DFBLOG25 at the checkout. Only the Flowers by Post range is exempt from the offer. The bouquets can also be ordered for next day delivery which is ideal if, like me, you are a bit of a last-minute person (is it really that time of year again??).

Perhaps my lovely husband might even read this post and think to surprise me for Mother’s Day. Or more likely he’s waiting for Taylor to leap out of her bouncer and walk to the florist…

Have a fantastic Mother’s Day all of you lovely mums – you deserve it x

Debenhams Flowers

Disclosure: Debenhams Flowers sent me these flowers in return for an honest review